Shoshone (14x24 Original Pastel on Suede Painting, Framed) by Jessica Crabtree

"Shoshone" 14x24
“Shoshone” 14×24
14×24 original pastel on suede painting based a photograph from the 1870s. It is custom framed under non-reflective glass. Please inquire about price.

About the Painting

The Shoshone people, who call themselves the “Newe,” were originally part of a very large extended family of nomadic peoples in what is today the American West. Their traditional territories centered in the arid Great Basin region, where they migrated seasonally hunting wild game and harvesting wild foods. Each of their main bands identified themselves after the staple food they followed.

Migratory bands of Shoshone were among the first Native Americans encountered by European fur traders and adventurers who ventured West in the early 1800s. Perhaps the most famous Shoshone individual of all is Sacagawea, the young woman who worked as a guide and translator for the Lewis & Clark expedition in 1804-1806.

Today, most Shoshone still live in Idaho, Utah, and Nevada, where millions of acres of land are managed by various divisions of the Shoshone nation.



Shoshone Pastel Portrait by Jessica Crabtree

Published by Jessica Farnsworth

I am a freelance artist specializing in pastels and charcoal/graphite. I am fascinated by history and world cultures and particularly indigenous peoples. My interests include wildlife ecology, environmental issues & sustainability, journalism, web design, photography & music. in historical portraits of American Indians. I blog about the portrayal and influence of Native Americans in art, history, and the media.