“Acoma” 18×24
18×24 original pastel on suede painting based on a 1905 photograph by Edward Curtis. It is custom-framed under non-reflective glass. Please inquire about price.

About the Painting

The Acoma people, who call themselves “Haaku,” are one of nearly two dozen Pueblo communities in northern New Mexico. Their pueblo, known as “Sky City,” is built on top of a mesa where for centuries the only access was a single staircase carved by hand out of the sheer sandstone walls. Thanks in part to this defensive position, Acoma is possibly the oldest continuously inhabited constructed settlement in North America.

From its remote perch on the steep white plateau, the Acoma pueblo has witnessed the rise and fall of the Aztec and Maya empires (its trading partners in ancient times), the incursions of Spanish conquistadors, and the American conquest of the Southwest.

Today, the Acoma still live in their ancestral fortress, where they continue to practice traditional arts, ceremonies, and farming.



Acoma Pastel Portrait by Jessica Crabtree

Published by Jessica Farnsworth

I am a freelance artist specializing in pastels and charcoal/graphite. I am fascinated by history and world cultures and particularly indigenous peoples. My interests include wildlife ecology, environmental issues & sustainability, journalism, web design, photography & music. in historical portraits of American Indians. I blog about the portrayal and influence of Native Americans in art, history, and the media.