16×20 original pastel on suede painting based on a 1899 photograph by Edward Curtis. (Private Collection) About the Painting The Lummi Nation is part of the Salish family of peoples of what is today Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, where they have lived for millennia as hunter-gatherers. Lummi people are renowned fishermen and have developedContinue reading “Lummi”

Mexican Wolf

16×24 original pastel on suede painting custom-framed with non-reflective glass. (Private Collection) About Mexican Wolves Mexican wolves are the rarest species of wolf in North America. They are a subspecies of the gray wolf, or timberwolf, with the most obvious distinctions being the longer ears, rounder heads, and shorter tails. They traditionally ranged throughout theContinue reading “Mexican Wolf”


18×24 original pastel on suede painting based on a 1905 photograph by Edward Curtis. It is custom-framed under non-reflective glass. Please inquire about price. About the Painting The Acoma people, who call themselves “Haaku,” are one of nearly two dozen Pueblo communities in northern New Mexico. Their pueblo, known as “Sky City,” is built onContinue reading “Acoma”